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Safer selection policy

1.1Our responsibility for safer selection

Safer selection processes are used to ensure that safeguarding is considered at every stage of the recruitment process for family support team members.

Belper Refugee Welcome is committed to minimising the risk of harm to the family from Group Members. We will select, train and support all staff and volunteers in line with our Safer Selection guidelines.

This means that we will:

  • Ensure that our recruitment and selection processes are inclusive, fair, consistent and transparent.

  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent those who might harm the family from working with the group

  • Use a vetting process designed to offer the scheme some assurance around the suitability of volunteers to work directly with the family as part of the family support team

  • Provide training and support for family support team members to enable them to undertake their voluntary role in a way that is safe for the family and the volunteer.

1.2Safer selection process

Before Group Members can work directly with the family they must:

At the recruitment stage

  • Complete the Volunteer Registration Form for the lead sponsor which includes their contact details, emergency contact details, and relevant experience

  • Meet with a member of the core team who will explain the ethos, purpose and values of Belper Refugee Welcome.

  • Read the introductory sections of the volunteer handbook

  • Meet with a member of the core group, who will assess suitability and capability to carry out the role.

At the approval stage

  • Provide two references to the lead sponsor. These references must confirm that referees consider the volunteer to be a suitable person to support a vulnerable refugee family.

  • Complete a DBS form which will be submitted to the lead sponsor for processing.

  • Provide the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) with a copy of the DBS once received


At the induction stage (once the volunteer has been approved)

  • Complete Safeguarding Training delivered by the DSL

  • Confirm that they have read this policy and the Handbook for Volunteers (The DSL will go through these documents during the training).

  • Sign a volunteer agreement which confirms their roles and responsibilities.


1.3Keeping the family informed

During their welcome, the family will be provided with a list of names and photographs of all people who have completed the safer selection process and are family support team members.

In addition:

  • Any new family support team members will be formally introduced to the family by an existing family support team member.

  • Only Group Members who have completed the safer selection process will be allowed to work in direct contact with the family

  • The family will be advised to contact the DSL if they have any concerns about Group Members

1.4The Recruitment of Ex-Offenders

We are committed to equality of opportunity for all volunteer roles and aim to select people based on their skills, abilities, experience and knowledge. This assessment will take place before any assessment of a person’s criminal record.

Having a criminal record will not automatically bar someone from volunteering with Belper Refugee Welcome.

As an organisation using criminal records checks to assess a person’s suitability, we will:

  • treat all applicants for positions fairly. Any person with a criminal record will be assessed for risk to children and adults, which will depend on the circumstances

  • only ask a person to provide details of convictions and cautions we are legally entitled to know about.

  • not discriminate unfairly against any subject of a criminal record check based on a conviction or other information revealed.

  • have an open and measured discussion about any offences or other matter that might be revealed with the person as part of the approval process.


1.5Criminal Record Checks - Assessing suitability.

Belper Refugee Welcome will adhere to the lead sponsor’s Criminal Record Check policy/procedure.

Where information is disclosed on the Criminal Record Check, the Designated Safeguarding Lead and a representative of the Lead Sponsor will meet to assess suitability. Any assessment of suitability will take into consideration the nature of the offence, the number of offences, the age of the person at the time of the offence and the time period since the offence.

Particular attention will be given to all offences against children or adults at risk, or of a sexual, violent or threatening nature. Any unspent convictions involving sexual, violent or threatening offences will automatically result in a decision not to approve a person for a role.

Where there is no risk to children, adults at risk or other Group Members we are committed to the active rehabilitation and integration of previous offenders and would seek to offer support and guidance for anyone with a non-violent criminal record.

1.6Where a volunteer cannot complete a DBS check

Belper Refugee Welcome recognises that in some circumstances a Group Member does not have the required documents to complete a DBS Check. This is often true where the Group Member is a migrant or refugee. If a Group Member cannot complete a DBS Check for this reason, they must always be accompanied by a Group Member who has a cleared DBS check when directly working the sponsored family. They must still complete all other steps of the Safer Selection process.

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