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You’ll be very welcome at the above Open Garden fundraising event on Sunday 25th June

It's a half acre, totally beautiful, garden that was once part of the kitchen
garden of the Strutt estate.  Amongst its features are a herbaceous border,
large vegetable plot, greenhouses, wildlife garden and pond. There will be lots
of plants for sale at bargain prices, delicious home-made cakes and drinks to
enjoy.  There are plenty of places to sit and relax.  The garden is also largely
wheelchair accessible.  All family members are welcome, as are well-behaved
dogs.  Children might enjoy looking for fairy houses in the garden!

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Refugee Week 2023 is 19–25 June

and the theme is “Compassion”.

On their 25th anniversary they are inviting all of us to celebrate what compassion looks like in action and together to create a shared understanding to ensure we are extending it widely to all.

“Within our own experiences are all the tools we need to be compassionate, not just to ourselves and those in our immediate circle but to all our human neighbours and our one shared home, planet earth.”

We’ll be sharing any planned local events on this website, so keep looking on our News page for updates.

For more information on national events go to their website



Belper Refugee Welcome invited to the Belper Town’s Civic Service 2023


A great celebration of Belper as a Town of Welcome to all!

Sunday 12 March 2023 saw us represented at the Civic Ceremony at St Peter’s Church. We were delighted to be invited by Belper Town Mayor, Cllr Katie Harris to the ceremony that was a heart-warming celebration of all the organisations and individuals who have helped to make Belper such a thriving and welcoming town to all.

One of our members gave a short presentation about our project from its beginnings to it its successful outcome with a happy family now settled in Belper. We also contributed to a slideshow showing the variety of our events and a colourful display that was a great opportunity to thank once more all the organisations and individuals who have contributed so much and so willingly. The image above shows the Bishop of Derby, the Rt Revd Libby Lane who, as you can see, was one of those who took a close interest in our project and the fantastic, supportive response from the community.


Our Big October News

On Tuesday 18th October, a small group of us set out from Belper, with our interpreter Rafi Turki, to meet and welcome the Syrian refugee family that was coming to settle in our town.

The photo above is us with our new banner designed and made for us by BRW member Ruth Lewis- Jones (with a little help from Donna Brooks). It’s in the colours of Derbyshire’s flag.


We had to wait quite a long time for the family but that was nothing compared with the 20 hours of travel they had undertaken to get here from Egypt. We loaded them onto the coach with their luggage and set off for Belper on a glorious sunny day which made Derbyshire look spectacular.


Despite their tiredness they have found the energy to go along with our full timetable of meetings and discussions during their first few days here. Already, two of the children are registered at school and will start after half term. We have registered them too for Universal Credit and organised health assessment appointments at the local surgery. We have shopped locally and introduced them to Derby. They have been on their first bus. We have explained the school system to them and how we plan to help them to learn English.


The house was furnished and warm for their arrival with a hot traditional meal waiting to be served to them. The beds were made and the kitchen stacked with food to help them through the first few days. The wifi was working and so they were able to contact friends and family immediately to announce their safe arrival in England.


Everyone in the family is so appreciative of what has been done for them. They can’t thank us enough. And everyone seems ready to grasp this opportunity with both hands and make the most of it. They will be a lovely family to work with.




It’s now becoming clear who is able to work directly with the family – either because they have specific skills and/or because they can make the time available. The project is working with a group of about 30 people (including core group members) to discuss how we go about this and train ourselves in particular areas.


So far, we have been thinking about the role of a volunteer and the overarching need to act always in a way that empowers the family. Never do for a family member what they could do for themselves, however helpful this seems at the time.


We have been discussing too what it must be like to not understand a word that is being said to you. This is a real possibility. Even if you get the gist, how is that ever enough ? We will be learning how to work alongside interpreters – and we have started learning a few words of Arabic.

The Belper Ukraine Refugee Group is a local volunteer team hoping to help both Ukrainians who have had to leave their country because of the war, and their UK hosts. Belper Refugee Welcome continues to keep in touch with them and share information.

Here is the link to their website which gives all the latest news, events and courses for Ukrainian refugees in the local area.

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