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Expenses Policy for Belper Refugee Welcome




1. Purpose

This Expenses Policy sets a framework for claiming expenses incurred on behalf of Belper Refugee Welcome (the Group).This policy is in place to ensures members act reasonably when incurring expenses, and achieve value for money.



2. Scope

This policy applies to all members of the Group. It also applies to contractors , for example, paid interpreters and translators.



3. Expenses

When incurring expenses, as defined by the list provided below, approval must be obtained from the appropriate budget holder in advance of incurring the expense. Provided that the most economical option and limits are observed, all expenses reasonably incurred while on the Group’s business will be reimbursed. Claims must be supported by detailed receipts unless specified.


For any expenditure incurred on behalf of the Group that does not fall within the normal definition of an expense it is imperative that approval is obtained from the Project Lead in advance of incurring the expenditure.


4. Procedure

When you make any group-related trips or purchases, the budget holder will typically arrange for most of your transportation costs and document these expenses. You need to:

  • document any expenses that the group hasn't directly arranged for (for example: taxi fares) Please ask for bills and receipts

  • submit your expenses claim through a budget holder with all necessary documentation. Please submit your claim/report within two weeks of your trip/purchase


The budget holder is responsible for approving expenses claims. If the budget holder approves your expenses, you will receive your reimbursement within two weeks by your preferred method: BACS or cheque


When you incur activity related expenses, you should:


  • ask for your budget holders approval

  • submit an expenses claim. Please submit receipts and bills within two weeks

  • we'll investigate any excessive expenses. In any cases of falsified or exaggerated claims, we will take disciplinary action







Leaflet printing


Transport costs*


Catering for events


Venue hire


1 x drink at cafe when meeting for group activity


Activities/outing with the family



Gifts for the family

Travel to and from the family home or group meetings

Additional food or drink costs not specified above

Furniture and other household items that are not approved in advance



*Transport costs exclude visiting the family home or attending group meetings. For example, taking the family on a pre-arranged trip to the seaside. On these occasions we expect you to use the cheapest and safest available option. A taxi would be considered reasonable if you have large items to carry, or for safety late at night. If you travel by car, we will reimburse 45p per mile.







Expenses Form for Belper Refugee Welcome




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