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Belper Refugee Welcome

Financial Management and Control

Policy and Procedures



1. Introduction

Belper Refugee Welcome (the Group) share overall responsibility for financial control, safeguarding the funds of the Group and ensuring that the Group operates in accordance with the financial powers stated in its Constitution and Memorandum of Understanding. This document sets out how this responsibility will be exercised and where functions have been delegated.


2. The Role of the Treasurer

The Treasurer takes the lead at Group level on:

  • ensuring that the Group maintains proper accounts

  • reviewing financial performance

  • ensuring policies for finance are regularly reviewed

  • ensuring that the Group has robust and effective financial controls in place

  • liaising with the Project Lead about financial matters and any appointed independent examiner

  • reporting on financial matters at the AGM


3. Financial Records

Financial records will be kept so that the Group:

  • can meet its legal and other obligations

  • has control of its finances

  • can meet contractual obligations and the requirements of funding bodies

The Group will maintain proper financial records.



4. Budget

The financial year for the Group will end on 31st March

Before the start of each financial year the Group will set a budget for the following year.

A paper comparing actual income and expenditure with the budget will be presented to the Core Group every three months.


5. Accounts and Audit

Accounts will be drawn up within 4 months of the end of the financial year and be presented to the next AGM.

The Group will identify an independent examiner annually.


6. Best Value

When procuring goods and services the Group will aim to achieve best value.


7. Bank

The Group will hold an account in the name of Belper Refugee Welcome.

The bank mandate (list of people who can sign cheques on the Groups behalf) will always be approved and minuted by the Core Group.

Monthly statements will be produced. Accounts will be reconciled by the treasurer, and a monthly report presented to the Project Lead for their approval.


8. Fundraising, funding bids, tenders and partnership arrangements

All fundraising, grant applications and tendering undertaken on behalf of Belper Refugee Welcome will be carried out in the name of the Group. (see separate Fundraising Guidelines)



9. Receipts (income)

The Group will ensure that all income to which it is entitled is received and that this is evidenced.

A schedule of grant and fundraised income will be maintained and reviewed every three months.

All monies received will be recorded promptly and banked without delay.

The Group will maintain a paper trail. A paper trail relating to fundraising activity must be maintained by the Fundraising Sub Group and returns made to the Core Group each month by email.

All payments must be made to Belper Refugee Welcome by cheque, BACS or cash.


10. Receipts (expenditure)

The preferred method of payment is by bank transfer. Cheques will also be used when bank transfer is not possible. Cheque books (unused and partly used) must be kept in a secure locked location

Blank cheques must NEVER be signed.

Whenever possible the same person should not be responsible for ordering, processing and checking invoices as well as raising payment requisitions, signing cheques and authorising payments.

The relevant payee’s name will always be inscribed on cheques before signature. The cheque stub should always be filled in.

No payments will be authorised or cheques signed without original documentation.

Money will only be spent to meet the conditions and requirements of the funding bodies and in pursuance of the objectives of the Group outlined in the Constitution and Memorandum of Understanding.



11. Payment Procedures and Documentation:

Every payment from the Groups bank account will be supported by an original invoice. The original invoice will be filed and kept for SEVEN years. The person who signs the cheque or authorises the online bank payment should ensure that the Group’s Request for Payment form is fully completed. This includes

  • payment method

  • date of invoice/request

  • amount of payment

  • who authorised the payment

Contracts with suppliers can only be set up if authorised by the Project Lead in consultation with the Treasurer.

Expenses/Allowances : The Group will reimburse expenditure made personally by members that is claimed using the agreed claim form, providing they are as defined within the Expenses Policy, ensuring:

  • agreed expenditure is evidenced by original receipts where possible

  • expenditure has been authorised in accordance with the Expenses Policy

  • The claim is submitted within two weeks of expenditure having occurred.

Reimbursements will be made by BACS or cheque.


12. Other undertakings

The Group does not accept liability for any financial commitment unless properly authorised. Any orders placed, or undertakings given, with financial consequences must be approved by the Project Lead.


13. Confidentiality

The confidentiality of individual’s financial circumstances will be respected at all times.

Members will, at all times, act in the best interest of the Group



14. Fixed Assets and inventory of capital items.

The Group will set up and maintain an assets register stating the date of purchase, cost, serial numbers and normal location of the assets. This will be reviewed annually.

15. Reserves

The Core Group will consider the level of reserves that it is prudent for Belper Refugee Welcome to have when agreeing a budget. Consideration will be given to future strategy, potential liabilities and any other significant factors that should be taken into account should Belper Refugee Welcome fold.



May 2022




The Core Group will keep these financial controls under annual review.

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