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Lyndy, Jill and Janet from the core group of Belper Refugee Welcome with our banner



Who are we?

We are a local community sponsorship group committed to welcoming a refugee family to Belper.

We are volunteers of all ages and backgrounds living in the Belper area.


We are working with an organisation called Reset, which was set up by the Home Office in 2018, to encourage, train and support communities wishing to welcome a refugee family. Already they have helped 200 communities in towns, cities and villages to do this. At least 100 more are going through the process and we are excited that Belper is now part of this growing group of communities.

We are being supported and advised all the way by the charity Citizens UK.

Below are inspiring stories and videos showing how refugee families found safety and hope through Community Sponsorship

Watch how Syrian refugees Hani, Amnel and their children have settled in a small Devon community

Read here about a refugee family who arrived in a small market town in Lincolnshire and how members of the Community Sponsorship Group supported them and above all, gave them hope despite their reservations at the start.  As Zahar says "We live in a very safe place with very nice people, really good people. Our eldest son is preparing to apply to university to study engineering. We are happy here.”

And below, read Abdulrahman’s experience of coming to the UK as a refugee and how his experience has informed and inspired him to volunteer with his local Community Sponsorship group.

“You are creating a story they will tell for the rest of their lives”

Read Abdulrahman’s story

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Here's a link to a Q&A session with one of the pioneering Community Sponsorship organisers who tells us how she believes it brings out the good in people and communities - so much in evidence in Belper!

Take a look at the video below and find out more about how  Community Sponsorship enables people across the UK to transform the lives of vulnerable refugee families by welcoming them into their local communities and supporting them as they rebuild their lives in safety

What action are we taking?

Fundraising. This is our top priority. The Home Office specifies we must raise at least £9000. There will be many incidental expenses involved in preparing for a family’s arrival and helping them to settle.

Housing. We must be able to find a house for a family to lease for two years.

Education. We will be seeking school places for any children in the family and help with language for all family members. The family will need help in understanding how our education system works.

Helping the family to find work so that they can be self-sufficient.

Offering the family a helping hand when it is needed.

A huge THANK YOU to all those individuals and community groups below who have helped us raise money for Belper Refugee Welcome. So far this includes:

  • Thank you to Soroptimist International Amber Valley for their donation.

  • Thank you to Daniel and his work colleagues who held a collection for us

  • Thank you to Foundation Derbyshire who have given a grant towards training volunteers

  • Thank you Ripley Green Garters Morris Dancers who held a collection for us

  • Thank you to Amber Valley Rotary for a generous donation

  • Thank you to The Ryklow Charitable Trust for a generous donation

  • Thank you to The National Lottery

  • Thank you to the King William Pub in Milford for picking us to be the charity to which they will be donating the proceeds of their weekly pub quiz for 2022.

  • Thank you to Christ Church, Belper for a generous donation

  • Thank you to Belper Town Council for granting us a sum of money to cover our setting up costs

  • Thank you to Councillor Gez Kinsella for offering to help us successfully apply for a County Council grant towards our translation and interpreting costs

  • Thank you to Strutts Stitchers who donated the proceeds of a raffle

  • Thank you to the Yoga teacher and Keep Fit teacher who are donating the income from one of their classes

  • Thank you to Duffield Evening WI for inviting us to talk about the project and making a donation

  • Thank you to the individuals who have donated items which we can sell, and the supporter who is selling items for us on eBay.

  • Thank you to the Ritz for donating all proceeds from the Bondapalooza event.

  • Thank you to the Chevin Singers for their donation and individual support.

  • Thank you to the many individuals who have organised or supported our fundraising events, such as the Poemathon, the Bondapalooza, the Christmas Stall, the Book Stall and the Coffee Morning.

  • Thank you to all those individuals and businesses who have donated raffle prizes.

  • Thank you to those who have donated to our JustGiving page, either through a one-off donation or by a regular direct debit.

  • Thank you to those who have made anonymous, spontaneous donations. We don’t know who you are but a big Thank You!


And thank you also to those organisations and individuals who have generously enabled our fundraising.

These include:

  • No.28 and Christ Church Belper who have offered use of their premises .

  • Our wonderful graphic designer who donated design of all our publicity material without charge.

To read more about Refugees & Resettlement, click here.

All our Policies are listed and available to view here.

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